After A Busy Day Work-Wise, An Evening Lake Session After Perch.

Following the game at Bangor City the previous evening, it was a working from home day next. Getting back in the early hours of the morning, it’s very rare that I then have to be back in the office until at least the following day.

With all the post-match stuff that has to be dealt with, it’s usually a busy but productive time. On this occasion, it was dusk before I managed to settle down next to a lake. You can see how I got on via the video below.

My original plan to switch to maggot didn’t materialise, as I didn’t need to. I didn’t get any plucks from small roach, so in the end I kept the worm on the hook, going for an all or nothing approach.

It was just a short session (1.5 hours) but I enjoyed it and that’s what counts.


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Stewart Bloor

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