On My Travels To Bangor, But First, An Angling Visit To A Canal. To Make The Most Of Life You Have To Push Yourself.

I do a lot of miles with my job, in fact when I think about it, ever such a lot. However, I do work in the beautiful game, so it’s not exactly doom and gloom. Plus, I do like football-related travel.

With a game in the evening at Bangor in north Wales, before I departed early afternoon I visited a local canal for a short angling session. As the heading states, you do have to push yourself to get the best out of life.

Like so many of my fishing trips it was another short one, but when you add them all together they mean that I get out and about a lot more than if I only go when there is plenty of free time ahead of me. In fact, I wouldn’t go much at all if that was the case.

It’s more than just getting lots of fishing in though, it’s also about making the most of life itself. Let’s face it, this isn’t a dress rehearsal, it’s the real thing and we need to grasp it firmly with both hands.

Back to the fishing and you can watch the video below from the session. I fished with a quiver tip rod, 4lb line straight through to a size 10 Drennan Super Specialist hook and a small lead, with a shot and bead creating the hook length.

I caught perch and a single bream, which is the lead image this time round. I do like big bream, although due to the nature of the type of fishing that you need to do for them, I haven’t targeted them this year. Maybe I’ll get a late autumn session in. Who knows, but as they say, watch this space.


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