It’s A Case Of Hwyl Fawr JD Cymru Premier And Hello English Championship As Joe Newton Joins Brentford FC. Thoughts On Future Personal Direction.

The game at Carmarthen Town was the last one for The New Saints FC’s video analyst, Joe Newton, as he leaves the club for a position working with the first team at Brentford FC.

I wanted to have a chat with Joe prior to kick-off at Richmond Park, ideally in the stand alongside his equipment. However, the pre-game music was already blasting out so we headed for the interview room instead.

You can watch that below, via the embedded video from the TNS FC Facebook page. The video was my weekly blog entry – Rev’s Ramblings – on the club’s website.

It’s been a pleasure getting to know Joe since he joined the club and although I’m pleased for him, it’s no real surprise that he has managed to land such a prestigious position in the English system.

When you work in football you do get noticed and hard work always pays off. On a personal level, I was asked recently by someone from an English Premier League side if I was interested in working for them.

At the very least, it’s nice to be recognised. Regarding that point, I do have very specific thoughts at the moment as to my own future but maybe that’s for another blog entry.

Don’t get reading too much into that either, especially if anyone from The New Saints is looking on. There’s nothing underhand at work; I’m just referring to clarity regarding future personal direction, which is something that we all like to have.

For now though, congratulations to Joe and all the very best in your work at Brentford FC.

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Thanks, Stewart Bloor

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