An Overnight Stay In Swansea. Thoughts On Work In General.

I’m on my football-related travels again, this time involving an overnight in Swansea. With The New Saints FC playing Carmarthen Town the following afternoon, one of the advantages of being a full-time professional side is that we can travel the day before.

I do enjoy travel anyway and where football is concerned that’s even better. Lots of people put the miles in when it comes to work and this is mine. Although it might be football, it’s still work.

As I say in the video, if you can do a job that you enjoy then you’re halfway there. At the end of the day though, it’s still a job and although it may be glamorous to some, ultimately whatever you do will always lose its novelty after a while.

That’s why we have to realise that the grass may appear to be greener on the other side but when you get there it’s just as hard to cut. Don’t envy others and what they do, instead get on with your own life and make the most of it.


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Thanks, Stewart Bloor

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