They Come From A Land Down Under. Interviewing Three Men At Work.

It’s always a pleasure to do any interview, and that can take the form of a regular club video such as Scott Ruscoe’s pre-match press conferences, or numerous one-offs. It was the latter this time round when I sat down with James Blackman, Ben Dixon and Josh Grant at Park Hall, the home of The New Saints, to chat with them before training.

If you know your music from the early 1980s then you will already have recognised both the song title and the band from the heading. Putting two and two together you will then have worked out that the trio I interviewed are from Australia.

All is revealed in the video below. I must say though how well they came over, especially as they are all teenagers. They’re three intelligent young men, very grounded and articulate and it was a pleasure to meet them and chat together.

As you can see from the lead image, our conversation was in a room at Park Hall and although you only see the three players on the screen, the photograph gives the bigger picture.


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Thanks, Stewart Bloor

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