Starting The Day After My Favourite Species, The Perch. Free lining A Worm On A Lake.

Up bright and early and another a short session after perch to get the day underway. I was free lining worm, a method I have used to good effect on several recent blog entries.

See how I got on this time round via the video below.


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Thanks, Stewart Bloor


  1. Hi Stewart,

    Nice way of fishing!
    I’m also a perch fan and i think i’m going to try this method of freelining a worm on a small canal here in Belgium. The canal is between 2 and 4 feet deep in the margins and that is where most of the perch are caught.
    Do you just cast out the worm and wait for a twitching rod tip are do you move the worm and reel him in?
    And i have one more question, what sort of line are you using and what is the diameter of the line?

    Keep on catching them and making those vids Stewart!

    Greetings from Belgium,



    1. Hello Mario, thanks for the comments. In regards to the questions, both really, although on these recent blog sessions it has mostly been a static worm. The most important thing though is to keep a close connection to the bait so that you are aware of what’s going on beneath the surface. As you know, perch will swallow a bait quite easily.
      I’ve been fishing with Sufix Synergy 8lb line straight through. The diameter is 0.25 mm.
      Stewart Bloor


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