Interviewing Lewis Dutton, Who Has Recently Signed A Professional Contract With The New Saints FC. Who Knows Where I Will Be This Time Next Year And Who I Will Be Interviewing. The Same Principles Will Apply Though.

You can watch the interview below but I’m sure you agree, considering he’s still a teenager, Lewis comes over really well. I said to him once we finished filming that although he’s young he has a mature head on his shoulders.

You also notice how he calls me ‘Rev’ several times. It applies in many areas of working life of course, but especially so in football. If you develop relationships with players then you make them feel comfortable and you get the best out of them in terms of content.

That’s one of the reasons why I enjoy in-house club journalism, which is friendly and you’re all on the same side. I wouldn’t want to be working at a level where you have a director whispering in your ear while you’re interviewing a manager who has just lost a game, trying to goad him into a reaction.

However, having said that you never know where life takes you and who knows who I will be interviewing this time next year. The one thing I do know though is that, regardless of who, where and when, the principles of fairness, decency and respect will still prevail.


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