As A Keen Birder, I’ve Seen A Few Interesting Birds While At A Football Match. The Eagle At The Ludogorets Arena Will Take Some Beating Though.

I saw a red kite fly across the pitch at Aberystwyth Town a few seasons back, I’ve seen meadow pipits on the Molineux pitch during a big freeze when everywhere else was under snow, and away from birds, I spotted a deer behind the national stadium in San Marino prior to kick-off in a UEFA Champions League game.

The best to date though, and one that will take some beating without doubt, is the eagle at the Ludogorets Arena in Razgrad. The mascot of PFC Ludogorets, was a gift from the Italian club, Lazio. You can find out more about the eagle, whose name is Fortuna, via the video below.

Whether planned or otherwise, have you seen any impressive wildlife at a football game? Comment below, I’d love to hear your story!


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