Mohamed Daramy’s Shirt And A Nice Email From An FC Copenhagen Supporter. Thoughts On The World Of Social Media And Keeping Away From Conflict.

In a recent blog entry video (featured below) that was filmed at Park Hall, as The New Saints FC hosted FC Copenhagen in the UEFA Champions League, I concluded by showing a shirt that was given to me after the game.

I then received an email from Nicolai Ravnskjær, that you can read further on. I do get a regular trickle of nice messages, and because of my approach on social media, very few nasty ones indeed.

However, I had just been reading through timelines on Twitter and followed some angry exchanges between people, thinking to myself, I’m glad I’m not in that world. Then I got Nicolai’s email.

Why not just be nice to people and if they have an opinion that you don’t agree with, just don’t comment. Although I love the internet in general, I am very cautious about social media in general.

In all honesty, I am probably more media than social. Not that I’m bothered about what people write online but you do have to guard your heart.

We always reap what we sow and that applies to social media. Be respectful and you’ll have a pleasant experience. Well, mostly anyway, because you can’t legislate for what others do. You can focus your own energy though. Positivity builds but negativity drains.

Nicolai’s letter:

Hello Stewart

My name is Nicolai.

A Copenhagen supporter.

I am a new follower of your´e youtube channel, and I enjoy your videoes. 

Both the fishing and the football vlogs :)

Just a little note to the beautiful FC Copenhagen shirt you got, with Daramy.

I do not know, if you know the story.

He is only 17 years old, he is a massive talent. 

Scored his first senior goal for FC Copenhagens first team at the age of only 16.

He has a value of 5 million pounds.

The reason why he didn´t go to England/Wales, is because he does not have a danish passport.

Both of his parents are from Sierra Leone, and he didn´t get the Visa to travel in to the UK.

I hope you have a great travel and a great time in Copenhagen next week.

I see you win 2 – 0 away, and then Copenhagen win it on dramatic penalties at the end.

Best regards 




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