New Microphones, TNS Radio And A Chat With The New Saints FC’s Chairman, Mike Harris. Another Rev’s Ramblings On The Champions Of Wales’ Website.

With two new microphones purchased for TNS Radio, ahead of the FC Copenhagen game in the UEFA Champions League, and a couple of hours or so at the office in the afternoon, we set everything up for a trial run.

Our Chairman, Mike Harris, was around so as well as testing the equipment I also set up my iphone on the tripod so that I could film the conversation. It became my Rev’s Ramblings column for the week, and that’s the video below.

Rev’s Ramblings is my weekly blog that appears on the TNS FC website and follows my own personal journey with the club.

After several years of text, I recently went down the video road. Just like my own blog (that you’re reading right now) contains video content each time, I feel it’s the way to go.

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