Some Words Of Wisdom On Work In General. Back To Champions League Duty, Interviewing The New Saints FC’s Manager, Scott Ruscoe, Ahead Of The FC Copenhagen Visit To Park Hall.

Not that I’m complaining, of course, but it is a very busy time at the moment work-wise. Doing my time sheet at work, I logged 88.75 hours during the previous week. However, as anyone who does something that they enjoy will tell you, it feels more like a labour of love than work sometimes.

If you have a job that you enjoy, don’t feel the need to apologise for it. Your job may even appear to be glamorous, for example you may be a footballer or a pop star or you may make your living from television or radio.

If you do then you also know that the novelty wears off very quickly. Footballers get depressed and television celebrities find that work is a struggle sometimes. I like working in football, I won’t deny it, but there are still issues from time to time. The sun isn’t always shining.

Whatever you do, just get on with it and make the most of it. Don’t envy others, it’s a fact that although the grass appears greener on the other side, when you get there it’s just as hard to cut.

Anyway, work for me today was interviewing Scott Ruscoe, ahead of the UEFA Champions League game with FC Copenhagen. Always a pleasure.

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