Another Short Lure Session And Another Perch On The Bank. Push Yourself And Make The Most Of Your Time, Not Just In Terms Of Fishing But Life Itself.

You can only push yourself so much, of course, but I’m sure that on reflection most of us would admit that we could get more into our lives if we put our minds to it. I’ve been like this for some years now and see life as something that I want to make the most of.

It isn’t a dress rehearsal, this is the real thing. We aren’t cats with nine lives, the one that you’re living right now is it. There’s nothing else to come, as far as this earth is concerned.

For me, and in context of being a passionate angler, that’s where lure fishing comes in. All you need to do is put the two sections of the rod together and you’re fishing. I will often have tackle in my boot at work and either on the way there or the journey home (or sometimes both!) I will drop off somewhere for a quick session.

Remember, as long as your bait’s in the water, you’ve got a chance. That was the case in this session, and although I’ve got a fishing fleece and polo on, the third layer is a TNS FC top, as I went straight after working.



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