Another BBC Cymru Visit To Park Hall. Working In Football Media And The Importance Of Good Relationships Between Club And External Journalists.

It’s not just the world of football, of course, but any field of employment. Good relationships with those that you work with are important, not only for increased efficiency, but also personal happiness.

With lots of media attention around The New Saints FC at the moment, courtesy of the UEFA Champions League campaign, we welcomed BBC Cymru’s (Wales) Aled Williams to Park Hall as he interviewed manager, Scott Ruscoe, and midfielder, Aeron Edwards.

Azza, as we call him, is a fluent Welsh speaker and so certainly gets his share of interview requests from language-specific media. Scott’s was done in English.

Aled is a familiar visitor to Park Hall, and I like him and get on with him very well, but every time that he comes he always contacts me (I’m the head of media at the club) to request an interview. Now, let me say at this point that I’m not a control freak and I don’t insist that everything has to come through me.

However, there is a procedure and it’s not just protocol but also practical. For example, a visiting journalist to a club may approach the manager or a player direct but unless they speak to media first, they don’t know what the schedule is.

There may be other club commitments, and especially in the world of football, things change and develop very quickly and there’s lots of last-minute stuff. It makes sense to know that you have been allocated time and you’re expected.

In addition, the working together of club media and external journalists helps not just the former but the latter. If there’s some breaking news in the pipeline, the club is more likely to give the heads-up to someone who respects protocol rather than a loose cannon.

I enjoy working with external media and overwhelmingly have really positive relationships. Being regulars in European football means that you establish good links with national and international broadcasters, not just local. It has to be a two-way relationship though for it to work.

The video below is what we put together for the TNS FC social media platforms.



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