No Fishing In Kosovo But I Did Some Bird Watching. Hooded Crows And Whinchat The Best Ticks, With Spare Time Very Limited.

With just 1% of Kosovo covered by water – and none of that near the hotel – I didn’t take any fishing tackle with me. Sometimes, like in Croatia and Macedonia, there is water right outside where we stay and my mini rod and reel set-up go in the case.

Time is always very tight when on European duty and so it’s not possible to travel too far. However, although no fishing most of the time, I always take a pair of binoculars with me. On this occasion, I didn’t get time to go walking but with a balcony outside the room I did some birding from that.

A whinchat in the bushes opposite was the best bird of the time spent in Kosovo. Hooded crows were common, including several on the pitch when I went to the national stadium for the UEFA Delegate’s meeting the day before the game.

I also saw a kestrel hovering near the airport in Pristina on the way back home. In addition, as well as feral pigeon, magpie, swallow and swift I spotted a couple of birds with the naked eye when out and about but with no binoculars I couldn’t identify what would have been lifers.

It’s not a problem though, I always recognise that I’m there to work and anything else is a bonus.

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