My Granddaughter, Nyah, Has A Go At The Welsh National Anthem. One Of The Keys To Learning A language Is To Be Confident. Overcoming Self-Consciousness Is A Big Step Forward In Life, Not Just Speaking A New Language.

I don’t feature my family very much in the blog entries, mostly because of the focus of what it’s all about, plus in this day and age, although I personally have a very positive experience on the internet, nevertheless I just think it’s a good idea not to expose others to perhaps unwanted attention.

You see celebrities sometimes share a family photograph on social media and the comments they receive about their partner or child are totally out of order and often disturbing.

However, my granddaughter, Nyah, is featured in the video below and so although my family doesn’t appear much in my blog entries, they do from time to time.

I’m really impressed with Nyah and how she has picked up, albeit basically, some Welsh. She’s only heard the anthem a few times and although she is making words up, she does know some of it.

She isn’t afraid to have a go though and that’s key when learning a language. I remember when I first started to learn Welsh and a fluent speaker said to me that I will be good because I’m not afraid to have a go.

Fluent speakers of any language won’t laugh because you get it wrong or make mistakes. They’ll actually be impressed that you’re learning and prepared to take a big step by speaking, or in Nyah’s case, singing as well.

Da iawn, Nyah. Well done.



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