Bream, Chub And Perch From A Morning Session On The Canal. Thoughts On Angling-Related Litter, Cast Your Vote In The Poll.

After a couple of football-related days in Scotland, it was good to get back on the bank. Not quite up before the lark, nevertheless it was an early start, as I set off for a Black Country canal.

Encountering litter on arrival at the peg, you can see my thoughts via the video. What do you think though? There’s a poll below that you can vote on.

As you can see from the heading, I caught three species of fish. The tackle used was as follows: John Wilson Masterline 9′ Debut rod, Shimano 2500 reel, Maxima Chameleon 4lb line straight through, small bead and shot creating the hook length, free-running 1/3 ounce lead, Drennan Super Specialist size 8 micro-barbed hook.

I fished worm on the hook and put out balls of brown crumb with red maggots.



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