Following The Rangers v TNS FC Game, An Interview With Manager, Scott Ruscoe, At The Hummel Training Centre. Plus, Memories And Thoughts Of Meeting Steven Gerrard. The Importance Of Being Thankful.

After the behind-closed-doors friendly against Rangers, we headed for the dining room and enjoyed some great food. After that, and before setting off for Glasgow Central Station, I interviewed TNS FC’s manager, Scott Ruscoe, on the balcony of the dining area.

The facilities at Rangers are superb and it is one of the friendliest clubs that I’ve visited. Certainly among the bigger ones, because sadly you find sometimes that the higher you go, the more aloof and arrogant some people become. Let me stress the word ‘some’ though.

For me personally, working full-time in the world of professional football, rather than feel puffed up about it, I tend to feel privileged and humbled. The beautiful game takes me to some great places, where you rub shoulders with big names in the game. However, the bigger the stage, the more honoured I feel to be gracing it with some of the game’s greats.

Last season when we played at Rangers, I was on the pitch with our players filming them, as they trained before kick-off. Then retiring to the dugout on my own to post on social media, I looked up as someone approached me. It was Steven Gerrard, coming across to shake my hand.

How many Liverpool fans alone would love to be in that position? It was great, of course it was, but all it did was make me appreciate once more what an honour it is to work in the game.

It’s good to be thankful. Not just in football but life in general. We all have something to be thankful for.

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