Travelling To Glasgow With The Champions Of Wales. Three Countries In One Day. The Value Of Good Relationships In Football Media.

I do enjoy football-related travel and I’ve been to Scotland on numerous occasions. Prior to working for The New Saints FC, I had only been north of the English border half a dozen or so times. Now I’ve lost count.

This time round, for the third season on the bounce, we were in Glasgow for a behind-closed-doors friendly with Rangers. Unfortunately, FA Wales rules mean that we can’t disclose results, but they, and the performances themselves, actually haven’t been bad at all.

We left Park Hall at lunchtime, criss-crossed the English / Welsh border several times before eventually catching a train at Warrington Bank Quay. A few hours later and we had arrived at our destination, Glasgow Central Station.

The short video below captures the journey. I love the way that the players look comfortable. I’ve said it before, that if you’re working in football media, a good relationship with players will always produce the best content. Not just football, of course, but the principle works in many other areas of life.


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