As Long As You Know That You’re On The Right Path, Don’t Give Up. In Time You Will Get Your Breakthrough And Reap A Harvest. A Life Lesson From Harold Melvin And The Bluenotes.

The video below expands on the headline of this blog entry, which incidentally was the sermon I preached at Tipton Family Church last weekend. Most of my messages are like this; I take a story, an illustration or something that has happened to me and then use it as the basis to bring home a principle or a life lesson.

People tend to remember these type of sermons as you’re making them more interesting. First-time visitors to church are also often surprised when the message is about Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes or something similar.

I did the recording at home, and as you can see, I’m wearing a Polo shirt. It was also how I dressed for church that morning. Again, especially with non-church people, this is not something they have in mind. They expect to see you in clerical regalia and it comes as a surprise when the Minister, like this day, is wearing a Polo shirt, Jack & Jones jeans and Lacoste trainers…

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