Following The Game At Shrewsbury Town, An Interview With The New Saints FC’s Manager, Scott Ruscoe. We Discussed The Match, As Well As The Upcoming UEFA Champions League Fixture.

I enjoy doing interviews, and following the behind-closed-doors friendly with Shrewsbury Town, took advantage of their media room to chat with TNS FC’s manager, Scott Ruscoe.

As well as the game that had just been played, we discussed the upcoming UEFA Champions League fixture. At the time of the interview the opponent wasn’t known, but since then it has been confirmed that the club will be playing the champions of Kosovo, Feronikeli FC.

I’m looking forward to that one very much, especially the visit to Kosovo. On a personal level it will be another country that I’ve seen football in, making it a total of 16. When the draws are made, I always want somewhere new and again that wish was granted this time round as well.

I’ve yet to duplicate a nation, in that sense, in European games, although we came close with two Gibraltarian sides in successive seasons. However, one of those ties was played in Portugal, so even that worked out.


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