They Think It’s All Over, It Really is Now. After 376 Days, My 2018/2019 Season Finally Comes To An End With The TNS FC Ladies’ Awards Evening.

Beginning on June 4, 2018, when the first team players returned to training at Park Hall, 376 days later 2018/2019 is finally over. The last act of the season was to host the Ladies’ awards evening, so it was most definitely out on a high.

I do enjoy being involved in women’s football, albeit not as intensive in terms of personal participation as the men’s game, but nevertheless it’s all good. As always, it’s a great honour to be asked to host the awards evening again for TNS FC Ladies and there is more via the video below.

The interview is with TNS Ladies FC’s captain, Phoebe Davies, and there’s more to come in blog entry 1260, with the full version. In addition, there’s also a chat with manager, Lawrence Wilson.


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