Two Years Ago I Watched Him Make His Debut For Leeds United – Now I’m On The Same Pitch. You Never Know Where Life Takes You.

You can follow the story behind the headline via the video below. This also happened to be a new ground for me, the 50th in total for the 2018/19 football season, so as far as challenges are concerned, I’ve completed a century of games and a half-century of new grounds.

It’s not been about box-ticking though, every one has been a pleasure. Visit my groundhopping pages.

Finally, regarding the thought that you never know where life takes you, as I was on my way to Yorkshire for the game in this blog entry I had a telephone call. It was an invitation to attend Wolverhampton Wanderers’ annual end-of-season celebration next week.

The world of football is very kind to me and you certainly don’t know where life takes you. Life is a journey and although some of it is beyond our control, there’s still a lot that isn’t.

Make the right choices and reap the harvest of good consequences.


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