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Hello, I’m Stewart Bloor and welcome to my website. I started blogging in July 2003 and for some years, I posted a weekly (Saturday) update that was fishing-focused. In fact, back then the site was known as Stewart Bloor’s Angling Journal.

Over time though it evolved to become more regular (daily), as well as the content moving beyond just fishing. As a passionate angler though, there are still plenty of piscatorial posts. 

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Welcome To My World is very much as the title suggests, however it’s more than just a personal diary of activity and thoughts. The world of the internet in general – and social media in particular – can be very murky at times. 

Woven in with my personal life journey are inspirational and positive messages. In a dark and decaying world, it’s an attempt to bring light and life into the equation. You won’t find sarcasm, rants or personal attacks. It’s better to encourage others than it is to tear them apart. It’s better for both them and us.

Anyway, why not follow my blog entries? The daily posts consist of both text and video and if you like a particular entry, why not share it via the social media links. Thanks if you do.

Read my personal bio and visit my groundhopping pages. You can contact me via email – stewartbloor@outlook.com

Stewart Bloor

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