A Long But Blessed Day With The New Saints FC Academy’s End Of Season Awards Event (1206)

Although the actual football comes to an end at this time of the year, the work goes on and the awards events take over. The day after the first team celebration evening, it was back to Park Hall for the TNS FC Academy awards.

With a large, thriving Academy the day was split into three events, with the first group arriving at noon, and the final ones departing at 8.30 p.m. A long – but blessed day – as many awards were handed out.

The age groups went from U7s through to U16s and in time some of those will become professional footballers, many semi-pro, while others may play at various other levels.

I’m always aware – and I’m sure the coaches most definitely are with their involvement – that the youngster you’re welcoming to the stage could be the next Greg Draper, Ruben Neves or Gareth Bale.

It’s an honour and a privilege to work with children in any area, so football isn’t any different in that respect.

What we should all strive for is not only to make them better footballers (or whatever) but also, and more importantly, to help them become better people.

Our official photographer, Brian Jones, was in attendance, so some quality images in the video below.


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