Barn Owl, Lapwing, Red Kite And A Video From A Shropshire Pool. Nature Watch 2019/9 (1193)

A nice surprise to see not only a red kite in flight across the M42 motorway between Telford and Wolverhampton but also that it was carrying nesting materials.

Another red kite in flight but this time in Wales, just across the border from Shropshire while driving on the A483.

Always great to see a barn owl and this one was perched on a post alongside the A5 just outside Oswestry.

Although the winter flocks of lapwing in the Shotatton Crossroads area on the A5 in Shropshire have long since gone, I spotted a solitary bird in one of the fields, while driving.

The video below contains images from a small pool in Shropshire. It’s not a noted nature area but it goes to show that when we look closely, there’s always something worthwhile out there.

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