First Chiffchaff Of The Year, Grey Wagtail Roost, Kestrel, Lapwings – Nature Watch 19/6 (1163)

The Shotatton Crossroads lapwings were still there at the start of the month but in much reduced numbers. The last sighting was on March 5 with about 100 birds on a field. Two days previously about twenty were on the same field. They’ve now departed to their breeding grounds.

I continue to look out for kestrels to and from Oswestry on the A5. Most birds can’t be sexed, as they’re not that close plus I’m driving, but I did see a male preening on a sign post right next to the road, on March 2.

For some years now, when fishing a particular spot on the Staffs/Worcs Canal in Staffordshire, a grey wagtail enters an overflow pipe to roost. The pipe itself is flush with a wall and the bird manoeuvres it perfectly. Practice makes perfect indeed.

I heard the first chiffchaff of the year on March 19 alongside the Staffs/Worcs Canal near Wombourne. Always a sign that spring is in the air.

The same canal stretch features in the video below, although it’s not so much about the water as the fact that spring has arrived.

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