Croeso i Wrecsam – Welcome To Wrexham (1161)

Yesterday’s blog entry was a football-related one but when I go to a game, given the chance, I always get there early and take in the local area. In this case, although I’ve been to Wrexham many times before, it’s always been for something specific and very much an in-and-out affair.

This time though, with my wife, we arrived in the afternoon and spent time walking around the town. Wrexham is the fourth largest urban area in Wales, behind Cardiff, Swansea and Newport and has a history of coal mining, although that’s sadly no longer.

It’s just an ‘ordinary’ town, nothing that would draw the tourist masses in the way that other places would. However, I enjoyed my walk around Wrexham and it’s like life in general, set your expectation levels at a realistic pitch and you won’t be disappointed.

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