Discussing Brexit With Green MP, Caroline Lucas, In Dudley (1152)

In all my years blogging, as far as I can recall anyway, this is my first political entry. I’ve actually been interested in politics from an early age, although I wouldn’t describe myself as a political animal, and I’m most definitely not interested in the arguing and nastiness that seems to be a big part of the scene these days.

Having said that, politics on that front is no different from the world in which we live in, especially social media. Personally though, whether politics or life, I carry on without inviting the negatives in.

The video below covers the invitation that I had to meet with Caroline Lucas, the Green Party’s MP, in Dudley.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and Caroline comes over as a lovely person and whatever our politics, those are the sort of people that we want to see in positions of power and influence.

There are more photographs from the afternoon that you can view HERE on my Facebook account. Watch out Question Time!


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