Canal Bream And The Importance Of Appreciating Fish For What They Are. A Specimen Is Always Relative To The Venue. (1147)

Although I was after chub, I didn’t connect with my target species. However, I caught some nice canal bream and although they wouldn’t be anything special from a gravel pit, nevertheless from the venue in question they were pretty decent.

That’s the thing with fish weights, you can’t judge them as stand-alone scale readings. For example, a 10lb carp from one venue may be a small fish but from another it could be a specimen.

I often get asked by non-anglers what’s the biggest fish that I’ve caught. I always reply by saying the biggest is not necessarily the best as it’s not just species but also where you caught them.

These bream that I’m catching from the canal wouldn’t make the national angling press but as the venue in question isn’t particularly noted for anything other than skimmers, they’re actually quite good.

By all means seek out big fish, just make sure that everything is relative, that’s all. Otherwise we may find ourselves not appreciating the true value of the fish that we catch.

You can watch the session via the short video below.