An Evening Canal Session With Bream On The Bank – As Always, An Enjoyable Experience (1138)

The one thing for me that is very important is that our angling (or any other hobby for that matter) needs to be enjoyable. It should always be a pleasure and never a burden.

In many ways, especially with the hustle, bustle and aggression of the world in which we live, fishing should be that place where we can switch off from all that goes on around us.

While I’m not personally dissatisfied with the world I live in – so in that sense it’s never been an escape as such – nevertheless I do enjoy getting on the bank simply from the perspective that I love fishing so much.

This time round I spent a couple of hours or so late dusk and into dark on a canal. Although chub were my target I didn’t actually net one, although I was more than happy to get some bream on the bank.

I will be fishing for them in due course and I’ll be looking to get some real lumps in the net. In the meantime though, although these fish are much smaller in size, when you take the venue into account they’re not bad.

However you look at it though, it’s all fishing and it’s all good. You can watch the session via the short video below.