Kingfisher, Lapwing, Lesser Celandine, Little Grebe, Raven, Rook, Video Footage Of The River Severn In Shropshire – Nature Watch 19/3 (1110)

The Shotatton Crossroads lapwings are showing well. I’ve seen them four times in the last week and on each occasion they’ve been well distributed in different fields. They have been stationary, feeding and in flight, so lots of variety as far as they are concerned.

Although you are focused on the road, of course, nevertheless if you are a keen naturalist you always notice what goes on outside of the car itself when you’re driving. While you might not spot a goldcrest in a tree forty yards away, you certainly notice the bigger birds when they close to the road.

It may still be winter but the first rookery activity was noted on February 4, as large numbers of rooks were re-building nests just off the A5 between Shrewsbury and Oswestry. More birding-while-you-drive.

Likewise in reference to the season, although no flowers yet, large numbers of lesser celandine leaves are coming through. It won’t be long now till we see the familiar yellow flowers, especially once the weather turns.

For the second time this year I saw an active little grebe, on the Staffs/Worcs Canal by the Swindon road bridge. I also saw a pair on the River Severn at Hampton Loade in Shropshire.

Also, while on the Severn a kingfisher and several vocal ravens, including displaying birds. The featured video below was shot at Hampton Loade.