Losing Weight In 2019. Setting Targets And The Importance Of Measurable And Realistic Goals In Anything, Not Just Weight Loss (1099)


Now that we’re into the final week of January, how many of our New Year’s resolutions are still on track? Or even still in existence?

One of the problems is that we forget January 1 is just that, a date on a calendar. In itself it won’t change anything. We have to truly want change in our lives, not just respond to a ‘New Year, New Me’ wave of emotion.

I always set myself targets for the coming twelve months at the start of a New Year. I don’t call them resolutions, just personal goals, but ultimately it’s not about what we title them but actually seeing them through.

One of mine for 2019 is weight loss and as you can see from the video below, I’m well on track. It’s not just a reading on the scales though but a lifestyle change – more of that in a future blog entry.



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