The New Saints FC 5 Llanelli Town AFC 0 And A Behind The Scenes Video (1085)

I’m not into box-ticking for the sake of it but I do find setting goals something that I enjoy, plus it keeps you on track and means your targets are measurable. That can apply to anything and I even do it for my football, when I look to take in 100 games per season.

This was my 76th match of 2018/2019 and although it was a working one, it’s no less pleasurable than going somewhere as a fan, in fact I would say that I enjoy it more. Not only do you get to see a game but you’re also involved as well.

As always, there’s a video and you can view that below. You can view my groundhopping pages here.



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Following the game at Park Hall, I interviewed manager, Scott Ruscoe as well as Kurtis Byrne who scored three goals and Jack Bodenham who made his debut.