I’m Enjoying Brook Fishing – Perch And Roach As I Move Further Upstream (1086)

As the embedded video below kicks off, if you’ve been following my blogs for a while then you’ll know that I’ve done a fair amount of brook fishing in the last couple of years or so.

I’ve done some real exploring, visiting waterways that are well off the beaten track. Many of the shallows are just inches deep and don’t hold fish but what you do is look for the bends or other such fish holding features, especially when you’re in the upper reaches.

It’s amazing though how even the most unlikely of brooks will have a surprise or two once you begin to walk them. It may be a bend where the flow has scoured the bank away over the years creating deeper water or it may be a fallen tree that not only holds water back but also offers shelter for fish.

The reality is that you aren’t likely to catch specimen fish, but for me a specimen is not just a stand-alone weight anyway but rather one where you take the venue into account. So for some of these places, any fish is excellent and especially so once you start catching four or five ounce roach and above.

In fact, my best roach to date from a brook was pushing 2lb. I was absolutely gobsmacked when I hooked into something that was obviously a big fish and even more so when I actually netted it and got it on the bank.

Nothing big this time round but the fish that you can see in the video are from three different sessions and I’m thrilled with them. I fished different places and on one brook I caught further upstream than I’ve even done before. The challenge is to see how far I can go.

The tackle that I fished with was as follows: John Wilson Masterline Debut quiver tip rod. Shimano 2500 DL2500FA reel. Maxima Chameleon 4lb mainline. Drennan Super Specialist size 18 micro barbed hook. Ultima 2.6 lb fluorocarbon hooklength. Lead 1/4 ounce bomb. I fished with red maggot over loose red maggots.


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