Making The Most Of Every Opportunity With Roach From A Small Stream (1080)

Think outside the box, live outside there but also fish outside of it as well. That’s the message in the accompanying video.

I do a lot of ‘making the most of every opportunity’ and that’s the main reason that I get to do so many sessions. On this occasion I spent just a few minutes after roach on a small stream before eventually making may way to work.

I have been doing a lot of exploring over the last few years in pursuit of small waterways and have had some reasonable success, as well as coming across many that have just been so shallow that you can’t fish them.

It’s all been great fun though and when it does come together, it’s brilliant. Obviously location is important in the sense of public access but even in urban areas there are brooks and streams that pass through wasteland or parks.

On this occasion I fished with a leger rod and a 1/8th ounce bomb and size 18 hook. Bait was a single red maggot and I used no more than 20 as feed in the very short but very successful session.

I think the roach are excellent considering the venue. I’m into my small waterways fishing at the moment, so as they say, watch this space.

Finally, the words written in the ice on my car windshield in the video are Welsh. It says, ‘Mae’n oer heddiw!’ which means ‘it’s cold today!’. It was, but I went fishing anyway!