‪Jigging for perch in Shropshire and some thoughts on life and making the most of it (1077)

As you can see from the accompanying video, which is embedded from my Facebook page, I’m keen on making the most of life. Not wanting to sound morbid, as that’s not the intention, but the reality is that time does fly and certainly the older you get the more you realise that is true.

On my way back from work-related duties, I stopped off at a Kinver Freeliners venue and you can read more about the club here. Some venues are day-ticket but mostly it is members-only.

Although there is a waiting list, it is definitely worth getting your name down as it is a well-run club with sensible rules and some great waters to have a go at.

Back to the quick session in question though, it was short but very sweet. As you can see from the video, I didn’t catch anything big at all but I enjoyed it and that’s what counts.

I do enjoy lure fishing in its own right and it’s a great way to make the most of every opportunity and get some angling in when circumstances aren’t always in your favour.

For those who are interested in the gear I’m using for my jigging it’s a Fox Rage Ultron rod and reel with Sunline braid. This week I was using a 1g jig-head and a small Berkley minnow, as you can see in the video.