Getting Very Excited About Small Roach (1076)

I enjoyed my first angling session of the year on the brook so much so that it was more small waterway fishing this time round as well. Working from home is great because it means, as was the case with this angling trip, that I can start work really early, disappear from my desk for an hour or so, and then be back on the laptop straight afterwards.

On this occasion I set up next to a fallen tree that had spanned the brook and was an obvious fish-holding area. My first cast produced a roach, and with either fish or missed bites, that’s how it continued until eventually the disturbance of splashing fish in such a small space killed the swim.

It was a brilliant session though, I really loved it. The quality of the roach, when you consider that it’s a tiny brook is quite something. From the Severn, for example, they would be nothing special but from where I fished they were definitely something to get excited about.

In fact, after having written the headline, prior to publishing I added the word ‘very’ in there. And why not. If you’ve got a passion for angling then you have every reason to get excited about it. I would go further than that though, it’s not just a passion for fishing that’s important but one for life itself.