Jigging For Perch On A Shropshire Pool (1059)

Although I enjoy ‘proper’ sessions of course, nevertheless like the vast majority of anglers, I have other commitments in my life. Therefore, in order to get as much fishing in as possible, I am always looking to make the most of every opportunity.

That was the case in this session. I finished work early afternoon and on the way back home stopped off at a Kinver Freeliners venue just outside Bridgnorth. The great thing about lure fishing is that the rod is already made up and you can don’t need a lot of gear. You can be fishing within seconds of arriving at the water’s edge.

You can watch the session via the video below. Check out the Kinver Freeliners’ website HERE. The specific venue that I fished is HERE. There is a waiting list but it’s a great club and if you’re in the area, definitely worth getting your name down.