Life Isn’t Just About Destination – Enjoy The Journey… Developing Video Content For My Blog Site (1056)

I’ve had a YouTube channel for a while now and although I haven’t uploaded as regularly as I’ve posted a written blog entry over the years, nevertheless I’ve still published a steady trickle of videos.

Although I’ve enjoyed making them, filmed in HD on a camcorder there is a still a certain amount of  time and effort involved in getting them from filming to the upload stage.

Just this weekend I ‘discovered’ imovie on my iphone. While not as sophisticated as the JVC camcorder and Corel software that I’m used to, the bottom line is that it’s faster. Much faster.

I had a little play in Tipton Family Church on Sunday just gone, initially just for the church’s social media accounts. First of all I filmed my wife, Debby, leading us in a carol. Then afterwards I did the sermon in a nutshell. I thought the quality was fine and it got me thinking.

Video is far more effective than just the written word alone so after posting them on my YouTube channel and seeing them get three-figure views in a day or so, I could see the potential for short but regular videos.

So, as they say, watch this space…