Variety Is the Spice Of Life As Far As Angling Is Concerned… Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad On The Football Front… Annual RJ&AH Hospital Visit… (1055)

Variety Is The Spice Of Life As Far As Angling Is Concerned

Fishing has been quite limited this week, but as always, I’ve still managed to get out and about. I took my camcorder with me on one canal session and you can see how it went below.


I also did a couple of sessions after work. I am fortunate in that I work my own schedule, and of course with the job not being Monday to Friday 9-5, that means there is also flexibility.

With the rods in the back of the car I headed first of all for the River Severn. Although I knew that it was flooded – ten feet up and rising to be precise – I had a couple of swims in mind that I hoped that I would be able to fish.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case and after losing three lots of tackle in as many casts I knew that it was time to pack away.

The second outing was to a big pit after carp. Again, no fish, although on that occasion I did manage to keep the baits out there for the duration of the session. It’s not a runs water though and in hindsight, although as long as your bait’s in the water you’ve got a chance, it wasn’t ideal. In reality, I needed longer.

With a mini-jigging session on the Staffs/Worcs Canal to round the week off, it most certainly was a case of variety being the spice of life as far as my angling is concerned this time round.



Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad On The Football Front

I’ve been to three games this week, all of them working, and with two new grounds that’s not bad as far as the groundhopping is concerned. Usually I’m at places that I’ve been to many times before.

First up was a visit to Celtic Park, the home of Cwmbran Celtic where The New Saints FC was playing a JD Welsh Cup game. The second tier and beyond of Welsh football is regionalised, so on a personal level, these are the type of draws that I want. I loved the visit and a 3-0 scoreline ensured that TNS progressed into the next round.

The next match was at St. George’s Park, the football centre of the England FA. It was one year almost to the day that I was there covering the same fixture, as two of the TNS FC youngsters (below) were involved in the English Colleges FA v Independent Schools FA U18s friendly.

This time round it was on a different pitch, so as far as my own groundhopping is concerned, that’s a new ground. I’ve been to 67 games so far this season, and with 33 new venues, I’m well on target to hit 50. Not that I am motivated by a tick or a figure, but as with many areas of life, it’s nice to set yourself a challenge.

The final match was back to Wales as The New Saints visited Bala Town in the JD Welsh Premier League. Not the result that we wanted though, as the 1-1 draw means we continue to lose ground at the top of the table.

I’m still confident, however, and one thing I will always do is back the staff and players all the way. Win, draw or lose, we do it together and stand united.


Annual RJ&AH Hospital Visit

This week also saw the annual visit to the Robert Jones & Agnes Hunt Hospital in Gobowen, with The New Saints FC. We visit the Alice Ward, which is the children’s ward and spend an hour there with the youngsters and give out presents and play games with them.

It is always well-received and on a personal level I really enjoy this sort of thing. Working in football is more than going to games, and just like the fishing comment earlier in the blog entry, variety is certainly the spice of life.