Staffs/Worcs Canal Gudgeon Always Bring Back Great Memories And Making The Most Of Every Opportunity (1051)

One of the reasons that I get so many angling sessions in is that I’m always making the most of every opportunity. Take this blog entry for example, just an hour available but I used that sixty minutes wisely to create some bank time.

This is where local waters are important because you want to be fishing as much as possible and keeping travelling time to a minimum. You might not always have first choice venues but as long as it’s water then you’re out there and that’s the important thing.

Another key factor is having rods made-up and ready to go. Some of my trips are so short other anglers that arrive at the same time haven’t even cast out before I’m on my way back to the car.

On this occasion I was on the Staffs/Worcs Canal and fishing for perch with red maggot. As it was, I didn’t catch any this time but I did get several gudgeon and a solitary roach. It’s great to see the former making a comeback on the canal.

When I was a boy – and beyond – they were so numerous that they were everywhere. In fact you would go fishing and see how many you would catch. My first ever fish was a gudgeon from the Bratch in Wombourne.

For a long as I live, I will never forget that fish. It will always be my greatest angling memory. Then sadly, the Staffs/Worcs Canal gudgeon went into decline. I wondered if they would ever return, but indeed they have, and it’s great to see.

Every time I catch a gudgeron from the canal I am reminded of where it all began for me personally. Angling has been very kind to me over the decades and I look forward to many more years to come.

The tackle that I fished with was as follows: John Wilson Masterline Debut quiver tip rod. Shimano 2500 DL2500FA reel. Maxima Chameleon 4lb mainline. Drennan Super Specialist size 18 micro barbed hook. Hooklength created by a bead and a size 4  Dinsmores split shot. Lead 1/4 ounce bomb.

The water temperature was 9.4C.

Today’s blog entry has incorporated a Throwback Thursday memory. The older you get the more nostalgic you do become.

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