Blackcap, Fungi, Kestrel, Lapwings And Red Campion (1047)

As a keen naturalist, I’m always on the lookout for what’s going on in the natural world. My regular car trips to and from Oswestry find me seeing how many kestrels I can spot, for example.

This week I’ve only seen two, and both on the same day, one in Staffordshire and the other in Shropshire. I also saw one in flight in Cheshire, while I was watching a game at Macclesfield Town FC.

Now that we hit the colder months of the years, something else that I’m keeping an eye open for on the way to The New Saints FC are lapwings. Last winter there was a resident flock in a field at the Shotatton Crossroads junction.

This autumn, so far anyway, the flocks have been very nomadic. My only sighting this week was a group of c.175 in a field off the A5 near Felton Butler in Shropshire. I haven’t seen them there since.

Before the frosts set in I saw a red campion in full flower near Telford in Shropshire.

The fungi that you can see in the lead image were on an exposed side of an ash tree where a large branch had come off during wind.

The highlight of the week though was a blackcap in flight across the road near Himley, Staffordshire.


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