Back On The Brook With Roach And Gudgeon On The Bank (1043)

If you have been following my blogs for a while then you’ll know all about the brook that I came across some time ago now. I decided to give it a go and was pleasantly surprised at what I started to catch.

It’s not even a recognised angling venue and I’m sure most anglers would be amazed that there were fish in there. The shallows are very much so indeed and it’s just the bends that hold more water.

I haven’t been there yet this river season due to the fact that with a hot and dry summer there would have been even less depth than normal. In addition, it gets very overgrown, so autumn onward is the best time in terms of access.

On this visit, as the headline states, I caught roach (several) and gudgeon (one). I really enjoyed it and that’s the important thing, whatever type of fishing that you do.

What the brook has shown me is that even in our crowded island there are still places that you can fish that haven’t seen another angler.

Battling my way through nettles and undergrowth to the water’s edge confirmed that no-one else has been there, certainly not recently anyway, as it was all untouched by human activity.

The tackle that I fished with was as follows: John Wilson Masterline Debut quiver tip rod. Shimano 2500 DL2500FA reel. Maxima Chameleon 4lb mainline. Drennan Super Specialist size 18 micro barbed hook. Hooklength created by a bead and a size 4  Dinsmores split shot. Lead 1/4 ounce bomb.

Bait was a single red maggot and I loose fed the same. Water temperature was 7.9C.

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