A Trip To Moss Rose On The GroundHopping Trail As Macclesfield Town Beat Yeovil Town 1-0 (1042)

As a football fan, not only do I like working in the beautiful game itself, but I also enjoy visiting new grounds on a purely personal basis. Although television football is fine you can’t beat being there yourself watching a game.

As a groundhopper, whenever I choose to go to a game, as opposed to a working one, then it’s nearly always a new ground that I head for. With ex-TNS FC goalkeeping coach, Graeme Classon, now at Macclesfield Town, heading for Moss Rose was not only an opportunity to add a new tick to the list but also to catch up with Graeme.

I travelled by train from Wolverhampton and with no changes, a journey of less than an hour and a cost of just £13 it was certainly a good day out on all fronts.

When I got to Macclesfield, I had a walk around the town before setting off for the stadium itself. I always like to take in some of the area when I’m in a new place, and whether it’s a well-known tourist destination or just an ordinary provincial settlement, there’s always something interesting to see if you look closely enough.

I enjoyed the game itself but then again I get something from every match I go to. It was nice to chat with Graeme as well, as it was the first time I have seen him since he moved on from The New Saints. As it happened, with current managerial changes at The Sikmen, he was actually in charge for the fixture.

The 1-0 result means, as I reminded Graeme after the final whistle, that he has a 100% managerial win record!

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This was my 61st game of the season and the 30th new ground. Visit my groundhopping pages HERE