Football And Fishing, Just Another Tuesday (1036)

It was a case of groundhog day as the second day of the working week was identical to the first. Up at 6.30 a.m. again, I was at my TNS FC desk bright and early and then late morning off to the training ground to capture an interview once the players had finished.

Then, come the afternoon, I was on my way to the River Severn to try and tempt a barbel on the bank. Again though, just like the session twenty-four hours earlier, I walked back to the car a blanker.

The air temperature has plummeted in the last few days. Last week we were enjoying temperatures in the mid-double range but now we are down to low singles – and that’s just during the day.

However, the water temperature, albeit falling, is still good (9C). Although I didn’t catch any fish, I did make a short video on air temperature, water temperature and temperature trend. That will be on its way shortly, in a blog entry of its own. So, as they say, watch this space.

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