Football And Fishing, Just Another Monday (1035)

I deliberately push myself and set out to squeeze as much from life as I possible can. Without trying to sound morbid – because I’m not – I’m fully aware that at 56 years of age, I’m closer to meeting my maker than I am to the day I entered the world.

I’m very blessed to have a job that I enjoy doing and the start of the working week saw me on the training ground, and then in the gym, with the champions of Wales.

This was followed  by an interview with Joash Nembhard, who scored our second goal in the victory at Barry Town United on Saturday just gone. Not a bad way to kick off a Monday morning.

I  took my barbel rods with me and so straight after work I headed for the River Severn in Shropshire. With it being just a slight detour from the way I come home anyway, it all worked out really well.

As we push on in the year, it’s dark by 5.00 p.m. so I just about made it as far as natural light was concerned. By the time I cast out and settled back, the sun had set properly beyond the horizon.

Although the air temperature has plummeted in the last couple of days or so, the water reading is still good. It’s falling, of course, but not at the same rate as the air.

Unfortunately though my boilies weren’t picked up by a fish, but at least I had baits in the water, so I had a chance. Having to get up at 6.30 a.m. again the next day for work I only did a three hour session.

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