Canal Perch Fishing And Making The Most Of Every Opportunity (1032)

I’ve always been a great believer that as long as your bait’s in the water then you have a chance. I’m also looking to making the most of every opportunity and so with just an hour to spare I fitted in a short session on the local canal.

This is a video-based blog entry and you can watch that below. I don’t make reference to the water temperature in the video but for the middle of November it is very good indeed. It won’t be like this for very long however, as it’s due to plummet in the next few days. I’ll still be fishing though.

The tackle that I fished with is as follows: John Wilson Masterline Debut quiver tip rod. Shimano 2500 DL2500FA reel. Maxima Chameleon 4lb mainline. Drennan Super Specialist size 10 micro barbed hook. Hooklength created by a bead and a size 4  Dinsmores split shot. Lead 1/4 ounce bomb.