JD Welsh Premier League Result Of The Week MD14 (1030)

For the second week on the bounce, The New Saints FC features in the result of the week, and as expected from a team as dominant as TNS, it also means another defeat.

This isn’t about the losing team though but rather the winners. Well done to Caernarfon Town, who came to Park Hall with a game plan that they stuck to. Lots of teams take on The New Saints with the best of intentions but few see it through.

I’m sure that Caernarfon would have been more than happy with a draw but to win and convert a penalty in the 86th minute was the perfect icing on the cake as far as they were concerned.

I do like The Canaries, as they are known, since my (with TNS FC) first visit there in the autumn of 2014 in the Welsh Cup. Since then we played them in friendlies, cup and league games and they’ve all been enjoyable.

I’ve also seen three managers at The Oval, with Lee Dixon, Iwan Williams and now Sean Eardley and I’ve got on well with all of them.

Sean’s reaction at full-time was excellent. Of course he was excited – and rightly so – but there was no arrogance or sense of nastiness as you sometimes witness when we are beaten.

Well done, Caernarfon Town, fully deserved.


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