I’ve Blanked Twice But I’m Still Over The Moon (1025)

You won’t get many anglers saying that they have blanked twice on the bounce and they are happy about it, but that’s exactly the situation I’m in right now.

I’ve had a couple of sessions on the River Severn in Shropshire and I didn’t even get a touch. Disappointed? Not at all, in fact I’m over the moon, and here’s why.

This is my fifth season working for The New Saints FC and don’t get me wrong, I love it, I really do. I also love fishing though and slowly, over a period of time, I became aware of just how much my angling has been pegged back.

I’ve still been out though, so it’s not like I have quit my favourite hobby, far from it. Lots of short trips have been great but I have been missing the ‘proper’ sessions. In fact I realised recently that I haven’t done an overnighter for more than a year, I haven’t been bream fishing in 2018 and I only went tench fishing twice.

Having a mortgage at 18, starting a family early and able to manage on a simple salary (neither my wife or I smoke or drink for starters, that saves a lot of money in a year) meant that by my mid-forties I was semi-retired.

I fished a lot and thought that was it, my life was very settled and happy. Then out of the blue came The New Saints. Without realising it, I was entering a new season in my life. It’s been a great season – well, five to be precise – but I was missing some proper fishing. It’s all about balance.

Anyway, cutting a long story short, this week the club has very graciously allowed me to pull back on the days that I go to Park Hall and work from home more. Cutting back on the three hour round-trip to and from work means I can be more productive in less time, so everyone’s a winner.

It also means I can redress the balance as well. Hence, I’ve been barbel fishing for the first time this year and when you consider it’s now November that’s saying something. In fact I have been twice this week, once for three hours and then for four.

I didn’t catch but I was over the moon just to be out. It’s great to be back on track with my angling. I’ll still do lots of short sessions with the lure rod etc but they will be the desserts not the main courses.

I do love my work with the football club, where I am the head of media. It’s a privilege and an honour to be involved with the champions of Wales, it really is.

The thing is though, I’m like a hen. The happier I am, the bigger and better the eggs that I lay, so to speak. So by going fishing I’ll be more productive at work. We all win.

So, two blanks on the Severn and I’m very happy. I’m not thrilled about fish-less trips though, just the fact that I was out in the dark next to a river. Now I’m back on track it’s time to catch some fish. As they say, watch this space.