Body Shaming And Losing Weight (1024)

I don’t like body shaming, full stop. It’s not right to laugh at, ridicule or tease people based on their weight. We don’t know what people are going through or what issues are in their life.

However, when I took a look at myself a few months back in the mirror, I noticed that I had put more than a few pounds on. Whether inner or physical, there’s nothing like seeing yourself as you really are and I immediately knew that I needed to shed some weight. I hadn’t really noticed but it had been creeping in the wrong direction.

If you look at charts, they will tell you what your weight to height ratio should be. Many times people go to the GP and they are told that they need to get rid of some excess baggage. Being overweight isn’t good.

I think in some quarters we are guilty of glamorising obesity. Just as much as being underweight is an issue, so is being overweight. Anyway, I’m not pointing the finger at anyone else. What I saw that day in the hotel bathroom spurred me into doing something about it. It was about me.

Since then I’ve lost a total of 17lb which has been very gradual. Sprint diets never work, the best approach is a lifestyle change, but more of that in future updates.

One of the key points for me is exercise and that’s the lead image, after a game of football. There is a Monday night league at Park Hall, the home of The New Saints and we have a staff team. It’s all good fun, but for me more than that, it’s part of the ongoing looking after my body.

I’m not interested in telling anyone else what they need to do with their body but I do have a responsibility to speak to myself. What I saw that day, I didn’t like. So I decided to do something about and and I have.